8. Varicose vein treatment

Orange County & Los Angeles Varicose Vein Treatment

If you have unsightly blue veins in your legs you may want to opt for varicose vein treatment done in Orange County and Los Angeles. As we age it is inevitable that we get them and some of us feel the need to treat our varicose veins. This is true for both genders so you will no longer have to cover up with pants or slacks.

While not a trend yet, many of our patients that are younger are getting treated for their varicose veins. Varicose veins occur genetically and are caused by faulty valves in the veins. Pregnancy can cause varicose veins to appear as well. Certain occupations that require spending a large portion of your day on the floor standing and walking can be a trigger for varicose veins.

Varicose Veins can be Painful

If your varicose veins become swollen and painful, they definitely need to be treated. Any type of discomfort you are having can be eased with some treatment. This is why some of our patients come to us. They comes to us because they are suffering. So, if you are feeling pain caused by your varicose veins, please schedule a consultation with us so we can treat you asap.

For many patients in the Orange County and Los Angeles area varicose veins are more than an appearance nuisance, they are a source of pain and discomfort. As long as the patient is in good health, treatment for their removal can be completed with positive results. If you are in this situation please call us for a free consultation where your options can be discussed and a treatment can be decided upon.

Varicose Vein Treatment 

Making varicose veins disappear is a desire of both men and women that are tired of covering up those unsightly bulging blue veins on their legs. For some of our patients they can be gone with one treatment, while others might need several sessions to make they fully disappear.

There are 4 different options available to you to make their varicose veins disappear. The varicose veins’ purpose is to return blood to the heart and for the most parts is a backup to the veins deep in the legs that do the bulk of the work. Because of this they can be removed or made to collapse with no side effects to the patient.

The Procedure

The non-invasive procedure uses a laser to reduce the vein on the skin. This is most commonly used for smaller varicose veins and generally requires several treatments for the vein to entirely collapse and disappear.

The Sclerotherapy treatment uses the injection of a chemical into the vein. The veins will collapse and no more blood will flow through it which causes the vein to shrink and disappear from the surface of the skin.

A minimal invasive procedure uses a catheter to introduce radio waves to heat the inside of the vein or a laser to generate the heat. In both types the vein will collapse and be absorbed back into to the leg.

For larger varicose veins the only option you might have is to have them surgical removed. Many physicians refer to their procedure as stripping. This is the complete removal of the vein during surgery.

Our Solution for your Varicose Veins

If you are tired of covering up their bulging blue veins, it is time to make an appointment for a free consultation at our clinic. We will answer any questions you may have. Just call us at: 1-866-469-5665 and our professionals at  My LOOK will do the rest.



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