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    Get Your Breast Lift in Orange County or Los Angeles

     If you are in the Orange County or Los Angeles areas and you are self conscious about your saggy, droopy, uneven breasts, then a breast lift surgery procedure will be perfect for you. Our highly skilled Board Certified surgeon Dr. Taneja performs many of these procedures daily at his California offices.

    Orange County and LA Breast Lift Procedures are in Demand

    In Orange County and Los Angeles today, Breast Lift procedures are in great demand. Several women who had been struggling because of their breasts being assymetrical, droopy, wrinkly or saggy have come to us to fix this issue for them. If you would like to know more on how this is done, then schedule an appointment with us using our contact form above, and read on!

    Breast Lift & Enlargement of breast 3D rendering before after

    What you can expect from your Breast Lift Surgery at My LOOK.

    Your first visit will be a scheduled appointment with Dr. Taneja and your nurse. We will show you images of successful mastopexy procedures we have done, and provide you with an answer to any of your questions or concerns in a warm and friendly manner. Our office performs several of these surgeries each day. If you are looking for the best breast lift surgeon, you have come to the right place.

    What is a Breast Lift?

    A Breast Lift surgery also known as a Mastopexy is a procedure in which our surgeon removes your excess breast skin, and tightens the skin to create a lifting of the breasts. It is often performed together with Breast Augmentation to achieve an additionally beautiful look.

    If your wish is to have nicely proportioned breasts that are more shapely, lifted, and sized perfectly, then these procedures are exactly what you are looking for. If you have the above problems mentioned such as sagging, heavy, asymmetrical breasts, then a Breast Lift surgery will address these issues.


    In a Breast Lift procedure, your surgeon will take off the stretched-out skin and reshape the underlying tissue to create more shapely, youthful and perkier breasts. The region around the areola known as the nipple-areola complex is relocated to a higher more youthful area of the breast and can also be reduced in size if this is what you desire. There are various types of incisions that can be used to create that perfect shape. The following are the types of incisions we may use for your procedure:

    -Periareolar/Donut Mastopexy technique using an oblong incision around the areola. (for minimal lifting)

    -Crescent Lift where the incision goes around half of the areola. (for minimal lifting)

    -Lollipop/Vertical Mastopexy where a circular incision is placed around the areola along with a vertical incision made towards the breast fold making a “lollipop” shape design. (more significant lifting)

    -Inverted T/Anchor Mastopexy where perpendicular to a lollipop incision, a horizontal incision is made in the breast fold/crease. (highly significant lifting)

    We will provide you with care instructions before and after for the best results.


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